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  • 2nd all european hapkido championship


Esteemed trainers and competitors,

on our website under DOWNLOAD section is a detailed invitation for the 2nd ALL EUROPEAN Championship 2015



To all EHU members

It is with great regret that I inform you of the cancellation of the European Hapkido Union Championship to be celebrated in Zagreb on the month of February.

Unfortunately the hotels were unable or unwilling to give us a realistic rate for EHU members and extend the deadline for reservations.

This inconvenience added to the just passing holiday season has made it difficult for some and impossible for other members to be able to attend and participate in this important event.

Since you, the participating members are most important in such events, I have decided to cancel this championship and reorganize it for a later date to be announced.

Keep training hard and we will see each other soon.

Truly yours.

KJN Mladen Kuznik

EHU President


2nd all european hapkido championship

European hapkido championship

You can download outline here.


Dear hapkido Grand Masters, Masters and practicants,
please announce your competitons, seminars and other hapkido events in Your federations, clubs or countries. Share with all of us your informations. Our idea is that this web site will be the central place for the all informations about European hapkido events and happenings. Let's make together European hapkido better!

Brief news

1. Eurochamp. 2012


Esteemed trainers and competitors,

on our website under DOWNLOAD is a detailed invitation for the 1st ALL EUROPEAN Championship 2012


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